Great Oriental Food 
      - Canned Wild Bamboo 
        Shoot in Water
     - Canned Baby Corn in 
     - Canned Pineapple in Light 
     - Canned Sweet Kernel Corn
     - Canned Cream Style Corn
     - Canned Bean Sprout in 
     - Canned Mixed Vegetables 
       in Brine
     - Canned Lychee in Heavy 
     - Canned Longan in Heavy 
     - Canned Rambutan in 
     - Canned Papaya in Light 
     - Canned Tropical Fruit 
     - Canned Water Chestnut in 
     - Canned Dark Red Kidney 
       Beans in Brine
     - Canned Tomato in 
      Tomato Juice
     - Canned mango slice in 
       light syrup
     - Retort Pouch
     - Glass Jar Products
     - Dehydrated Fruits 
       Great Oriental Textile 


Retort pouch products are a concept of easy usage and long shelf life while allowing foods to maintain freshness and flavour and require no preparation time. 

        • Light weight packaging 
        • Reduces freight cost 
        • Space efficient 
        • Easy to tear bags 
        • Ready for immediate use 

How to :
The foods will be packed, vacuum sealed and pass through a heat and pressure system to pasteurize. As the vacuum packed foods take shorter time in processing, the better texture and flavour will be received.

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